golden bee 15 – beauty saves the world

posters created in connection with the 200th anniversary of fyodor dostoevsky / golden bee 15 global biennale of graphic design 2022 in moscow
christoph stettler

my poster beauty was awarded and exhibited at the russian state library in moscow
further awards

the pictures in the fashion magazines, with models wearing cucumbers on their eyes, have always fascinated me. because there the outer and inner beauty meet. a moment when the model does not have to present herself to the outside, but closes her eyes, feels the cool moisture and lets the inner good, true beauty grow. with the cucumbers on the face of dostoevsky, i leave out the outer beauty of a model and thus it becomes clear that it must be about the inner beauty;-)

exhibition at the at the multimedia park in chelyabinsk

the golden bee biennale, which has been held jointly by the domestic and international design community since 1992, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. the jubilee golden bee 15 received 18’945 works from 70 countries.